The Ghost In The Darkness.

It was a full moon night and we were waiting near the favorite place of black panther, the famous rocks where he is sighted very often. We heard 3-4 alarm calls of deer from some distance followed by alarm calls of a sambar deer at a nearer distance. Anticipating some action I was looking into the moonlit expanse of the jungle. Something dark moved and kept moving As if a Shadow was walking. It was only after a couple of seconds that I realized that it was indeed the ghost of the jungle. The black panther was on the prowl and was moving towards the road. What a wonderful sight it was.

But the jungle had to offer more to us and as we left the area and followed some more alarm calls at the adjacent road ahead, we were startled to see a leopard on the tree. It’s long whiskers were a delight to watch as it was nibbling something from between it’s paws. It moved and changed its position on the tree trunk and there we saw what it was eating. It was a ‘flying squirrel’. Yes! A leopard with a flying squirrel kill. We spent a good 20 minutes with this leopard as it finished its meal, lept across the branches, and finally disappeared. We bid goodbye to these felines as we could hear farther and farther alarm calls as we moved towards wrapping our safari

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Written By Tanya