Welcome to Trails By Varun and Tales By Tanya.

Welcome to Trails By Varun and Tales By Tanya.

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Welcome to Trails By Varun and Tales By Tanya.

Welcome to my website and my niche in this digital world. I wish to share with the world my experiences in the wild and showcase my work uncut and raw. My motive has always been to bring forward a different picture of the wild, to envisage a peculiar perspective of the animals and their habitat.

I wish to inspire minds to take a moment and think about the world we are living into, its different facets, the magnificent diversity, the colours of nature, and the incredible heritage we have around us. I focus on the dynamics of animal behaviour, as I believe that it’s crucial to learn about a subject in order to portray its picture to the world.

Until now I have shared with you my pictures to bring forth the pristine beauty of the Indian Jungles, the glorifying Himalayan wildlife and majestic frames from the wild wild Africa. Well, every picture has a story and now it’s the time to reminisce the stories behind my pictures. I want to share with you my experiences in the wild, to open my box of fascinating stories of how we tracked the tiger, of how I was charged upon by a tigress, of how I stumbled upon a leopardess and cubs, of how I chanced upon a herd of elephants, of how I climbed up thousands of feet in slow clad mountains to shoot monals, of the times with the red panda, my sojourns in the jungles and much more. So let’s begin our journey of ‘Trails by Varun and Tales by Tanya’ (my wife) and let me take you with me far, far away in the jungles, in the grasslands and mountains and make you feel the adrenaline rush when you face the wild, up close and personal.

Stay tuned and stay safe,

Varun & Tanya.

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