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Snapshots from Panna

Snapshots from Panna Panna is a pristine wildlife habitat nestled amid Vindhyan Hills in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh. The national park was established in 1981 and was declared a tiger reserve in the year 1994. Spread across 1646 square kilometres and across the districts of Panna and Chattarpur, it stands as an epitome […]

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The Ghost In The Darkness.

It was a full moon night and we were waiting near the favorite place of black panther, the famous rocks where he is sighted very often. We heard 3-4 alarm calls of deer from some distance followed by alarm calls of a sambar deer at a nearer distance. Anticipating some action I was looking into […]

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Its all about Luck…

One fine day during the Summer of 2017, I was completing my usual work at office when I got a call from a couple of my friends from Pench Tiger Reserve. My heart pounced at their invitation to join them but I was bogged down with work so initially I refused. After a lot of […]

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